Baseball Hitting Lessons

Private Baseball hitting Lessons

The Hitting Academy offers private lessons for Baseball and Softball.  Our experienced instructors provide training based on facts, not opinions or types.  We use the latest technology, V1 PRO (Video Analysis) and Hittrax (Baseball/Softball Simulator) to give your kids the most interactive learning experience. Our 30 minute Private Lessons are guaranteed to help build confidence and an overall better understanding of the game of baseball and softball.

Private baseball hitting lessons




You can purchase 1 private lesson at a time or take advantage of our multi-lesson packages which offer discounted rates and do not expire for one year.  You can schedule your lessons for any day and time that works best for you.

1 Private Lesson

$ 65

6 Private Lessons

$ 55

12 Private Lessons

$ 50
The Hitting Academy has one Hittrax simulator that is utilized during our private lessons and camps.  HitTrax is the first and only baseball and softball simulation system that provides a powerful combination of performance data and entertainment value.

HitTrax measures and displays real-time data in a matter of seconds and also has the capabilities to enjoy entertainment applications like HR Derby and Team games.  

the hitting academy batting lessons

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